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Reiki I, II & III 2020 Classes  Sign Up

Mar 7 (Sat), R-I
Apr 11 (Sat), R-II

Apr 26 (Sun), R-I
May 9 (Sat), R-III
May 24 (Sun), R-II
June 20 (Sat), R-I
June 28 (Sun), R-III
July 18 (Sat), R-II
Aug 2 (Sun), R-I
Aug 15 (Sat), R-III
Sep 20 (Sun), R-II
Oct 3 (Sat), R-I
Oct 18 (Sun), R-III
Nov 7 (Sat), R-II
Dec 5 (Sat), R-III

Class Hours:  Reiki I, 9-4; Reiki II, 8:30-4:30; Reiki III, 8:00-5:00. 
Reiki I Class & Attunement is 6 CE Hours; Reiki II, 7 hrs; Reiki III, 8 hrs. All good for hands-on credit in Nebraska,

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Fee Schedule: Reiki I, $175; Reiki II, $210; Reiki III & Master-Teacher, $320.
Usually there is no late fee for Reiki, but we strongly urge you to register, or at least let us know your intentions, as early as possible.
A discount of $50 is given off of Reiki III when all three levels are taken with New Dimensions.

All classes held in Omaha at New Dimensions in Wellness or alternate venue, TBA. _________________________________________________

MFR-CST-BodyTalk Treatments
  • Gift Certificates at Sign Up  To purchase on-line, select Gift Certificate from the Seminar list, then select 1st day for one gift certificate, 1st and 2nd for two and all three days for three.

  • What Can You Expect When You Choose A Myofascial Release Treatment?
    Explains how pain is moved out of the body by relieving fascial restrictions through unwinding and the use of slight pressure. The therapist follows the fascia by using his or her intuition and cues from the client's body.
  • Myofascial Release Therapy: What It Is, Who Needs It and How It Is Applied
    Explains how myofascial release works at a deep tissue level - includes client testimonial on application of MFR to marathon running experience.
  • Discover the Benefits of Massage and Myofascial Release: Douglas' Brochure
  • BodyTalkservices with Krissa, including problem areas addressed. 
  • Craniosacral Treatment - A Body-Mind Tune-Up: Explains the CranioSacral system and common problem areas, as well as describing the treatment, possible responses and client self care after a treatment.

Bibliograpy for Myofascial Release Therapy Seminars. 
Testimonials and summary of an evaluation

Other Classes
  • Myofascial Release Stretching Class:  By arrangement -  contact us.
  • Reflexology for two.  By arrangement -  contact us.

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Contact Us at:
3815 Charles St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68131
Email Douglas


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